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Nature, Food & Mommyhood – That’s What It’s All About

We are here. This is a world of naturalism, minimalism, foood & happiness. I’m here to share what I know about what I like.

You’re gonna love it.


Hey, I’m Leanne. Mom of Miss Ilamay who is 1.5 yrs. at the time of this writing. She,  husband, Benjamin, and I make our family of 3. I rear Ilamay, cook the food, tend to the home and put any remaining strength into making and selling organic personal care products over at [Terra]cotta Paste. Ben is a super duper skilled tradesman in the sheet metal industry and he keeps me accountable. Ilamay climbs everything (mostly me), dances like a genius and is a turd.



We, as a family, are in an era of new experiences; we recently dumped 3/4 of our belongings, hopped into an RV and moved to the other side of the country. Let me tell you – it’s been somethin’. This is my first post on this blog, but it’s not my first blog [attempt]; it’s my third or fourth. I’m not a natural smooth talker, but I’ve got sh*t to share, so let’s just act like I know what I’m doing and get on with it. This time around, I’ll be putting my special skills (being efficiently lazy & effectively intuitive) and experiences to work to enlighten and delight you in whatever small way I can. Everyone’s journey is unique, and there’s something special about being able to open up one’s own book and provoke growth and connections in those around us.

What’s in a name? “Popcorn&Pomegranates” is the chosen title because … well, obviously it’s because all I do is eat … and every time I crave pomegranates, I crave popcorn too (and vice versa). I don’t eat them together. Sometimes side by side, but mostly just one after the other. Most frequently the pair becomes a satisfying dinner when I’m feeling like living the bachelor life.

UPDATE! 10/21/19 – The name of this blog has since been changed to: “Live Small. Eat Well.” That’s because we’re living small and eating well! Instagram is where it’s at, so I’m busy sharing our love of food and all things outdoors at @livesmall_eatwell. Go there for the inspo and come here for the execution!

Every few weeks, a new stone will unearth on this blog. Will you be here to discover it? Follow this blog or like our Facebook page to get new post updates. Don’t forget that you’re here too – post that comment when you have something to say! This is our community. Let’s build it how we want it.

Wanna guest post? Need to speak with me in private? You got it. Go here.

Did you want to know more about who’s writing this? Here it is…

I love cooking, but I actually just love eating. Okay, fine, I like cooking because food is beautiful and nourishing and I love sharing (or attempting to share) that whole experience with those I love… and I love eating. Next to eating and spending time with those I love – on the list of most important things in life – comes spending time in nature. Nature is what fuels us all – whether one has the means to recognize it or not. There are, like, ions out there, man. It has been confirmed that I am an old soul; I am continually becoming “one” with nature as best I can: comfy clothes 24/7, shower once a week, minimal “bodily applications”, enjoy the little things, keep it zen – that’s what it’s all about. Did I mention that That 70’s Show is the only TV worth watching? (UPDATE 10/21/19 – Dirty Dancing is also important to have on repeat) Okay, good. As far as parenting goes, I identify with the “Attachment Parenting” crowd. We cloth diaper, babywear, co-sleep, practice Elimination Communication and Baby Led Weaning, and plan to homeschool. Ilamay is a trip, but I think she’ll be worth it ; ).

That pretty much sums it up. See you on the flip side.


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