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5 Things I Learned About RV Living In The First Year

"...we've hardly broken the surface of the potential of our new RV living lifestyle, but already, we are starting to feel the major benefits, despite it's initial and ongoing difficulties."

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The Surprise (And Non-Surprise) Expenses of RV Living

This post covers the upfront costs of getting started in an RV as well as all the things that have popped up since then. To sum it up: it feels like we haven't stopped spending money since we started!

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How to Make & Use Reusable (Cloth) “Paper” Towels, Wipes & More

There is certainly more than one great reason to switch to reusable items in any area of your life. Household items commonly made out of paper are a great place to start or continue your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle! In our home, we use cloth paper towels, baby wipes, toilet wipes, cleaning rags,… Continue reading How to Make & Use Reusable (Cloth) “Paper” Towels, Wipes & More

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Cooking In An RV – The Good, The Bad, The Transition

This is a detailed post outlining all the aspects I could think of regarding kitchen pros and cons in our RV. We have been RV living for four months in a 38' Keystone Outback travel trailer. I've included photos of our "messy kitchen" (read: what it looks like most often) and our "clean kitchen" (how… Continue reading Cooking In An RV – The Good, The Bad, The Transition