Chipotle Chili With Avocado Sour Cream [Vegan] [Regular or Instant Pot]

This recipe is by Julie Morris, from her "Superfood Kitchen" cookbook. She really knows how to work with healthy ingredients and make the flavors sing! I couldn't recommend her books more highly. This is one of our family's favourite meals! Neither my husband nor I like traditional chili, but this vegan version is always a… Continue reading Chipotle Chili With Avocado Sour Cream [Vegan] [Regular or Instant Pot]


Cranberry Pistachio Buckwheat Granola

This recipe is by Julie Morris from her "Superfood Snacks" cookbook. I am sharing it because this is the BEST granola I have ever tasted (including all homemade and store-bought). I pretty much eat it exclusively until I run out  – then I have to settle for store bought until I can make more. It… Continue reading Cranberry Pistachio Buckwheat Granola


My Favorite Maca Energy Bars

This has been my go-to quick-grab snack recipe lately. They come together quickly and satisfy a sweet, salty or crunchy hunger craving. It's not my original recipe, but I am sharing my variation here along with a link to the original. These bars are super customizable, so any add-ins that you like best or have… Continue reading My Favorite Maca Energy Bars