Big Berry Muffins [Whole Wheat, Vegan] by Julie Morris

These are my ultimate FAVOURITE muffin! So moist & tender with some crunch on the top and exploding with fresh berries! They're low fat, vegan, refined sugar free and made with whole wheat flour. I usually have a hard time not eating six at once, but these are so guilt-free, I hardly have to limit… Continue reading Big Berry Muffins [Whole Wheat, Vegan] by Julie Morris


Cranberry Pistachio Buckwheat Granola

This recipe is by Julie Morris from her "Superfood Snacks" cookbook. I am sharing it because this is the BEST granola I have ever tasted (including all homemade and store-bought). I pretty much eat it exclusively until I run out  – then I have to settle for store bought until I can make more. It… Continue reading Cranberry Pistachio Buckwheat Granola