Cranberry Pistachio Buckwheat Granola

This recipe is by Julie Morris from her "Superfood Snacks" cookbook. I am sharing it because this is the BEST granola I have ever tasted (including all homemade and store-bought). I pretty much eat it exclusively until I run out  – then I have to settle for store bought until I can make more. It… Continue reading Cranberry Pistachio Buckwheat Granola


Simple & Delicious Skillet Broccoli (or Asparagus!)

This is seriously so easy (and delicious); it's probably most of the reason we actually eat our veggies in this house. Anytime we have a main dish planned, but need a vegetable, I hardly flinch at being signed up to add this to the dinner agenda. There are three differences between making broccoli and asparagus:… Continue reading Simple & Delicious Skillet Broccoli (or Asparagus!)